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why so serious

Flyer why so serious

I wonder how many people think " What The Fuck!" after talking to me...

Embrace Your Inner SuperHeroe and enjoy the power of the green screen! Do Whatever; Be Weird... It's Okay!

Together with our Resident Heroes of the Night Vince Nova, Hich & G-Spot who will bring you only the best dance and RnB tunes in Kokorico's Mainroom.

• G E N E R A L ‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍ I N F O
♪ Entrance fee: 10€
♪ Don't forget your ID or drivers license
♪ Clubcard: 3€ (once at first visit - always bring it with you)
♪ Guarded parking & wardrobe
♪ Minimum age 17+
♪ Doors open at 23h00

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